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I was up this morning at 5am and published my other blog, Johnny’s List of Weird Boston Events, which is now the most popular blog in New England on events! Check it out for the scoop on holiday lights, Santa parades, and how to avoid Xmas altogether if you want to.

Right now, I’m just blogging to report that I just edited 33 question videos in 21 minutes with the HP Envy!! That’s really all the review you need. The laptop is working out great for me. Now that I’m up to speed with the camera and software, I really think this project just might work! Of course, now I have to add the answers, which means more video editing. This week’s been so intense, I sort of let that slip. Back to work, more later!

I’m thinking that I will post all the question-answer videos one-by-one, rather than in big blocks. That will make it easier to find the questions you really care about, and I’ll string them together on YouTube so you can watch them in a series, too. Any advice or feedback on that strategy? A question is usually 5-20 seconds and my answers will be 30-60 seconds.