The Guinness World Record Art Project
Where Thousands of Questions Get Answered

headshot-SSDefeated by love, I pushed so hard to be an artist that I fell homeless for the second time in my life. And set a Guinness World Record. Over one summer, I collected 10,000 questions from visitors to my art project, a traveling outdoor kiosk. I responded to most of the questions by hand, from a novel, secular, and practical philosophy of turning action into power and using the head to outwit the heart when we love or cry too much.

Spanning April to October, 2009, the book fuses memoir, advice-giving, and photography into a single book, as my installation, the kiosk called Wheel Questions, tours urban sidewalks and festivals and is seen by more than 500,000 people of all ages. I fill in as emergency band manager for a 10,000-seat concert, ask a room of Nobel Laureates about the meaning of life, and get rushed to the hospital, all while meeting and advising thousands of people with soulburning questions.

These tensions bind the diverse topics of Soulburners. It’s a memoir, it’s an art book with photos of the most moving questions and answers, and it’s a book of practical advice. it offers readers inspiration, motivation, and peace of mind.

I’ve been advised by my agent to build a fan base! Then I hope to get the book published in 2017.

This is not the book I give away for free for joining the newsletter, Secular Poems for Someone You Love, which is just a collection of the work of famous poets. Soulburners is not out yet, but the best way to learn when it’s available and to show your support is to join the newsletter. Just sign up in the sidebar, and thank you!