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I was speaking with someone this week and was inspired to put this up on the Web. It’s a prank I did for my then girlfriend in 2008. We had just seen the play As You Like It at the Free Shakespeare event in Boston Common. In the play, one of the jokes is that Orlando is so lovestruck that he wanders around the forest hanging up bad poetry.

So I made these signs and hung them along the route that my girlfriend would take to come visit me. See the Wheel Questions backstage blog. I guarantee it will make you laugh! 🙂

Are horoscopes true?!?!

(I often wonder…)


They’re completely false!

The reason they seem true is they’re so vague. They could apply to anyone, & wishful thinking does the rest. For example, if I told you that you’d lose sleep worrying about someone special, so what? We all do that, & if you happen not to, well, people tend to forget how horoscopes are wrong.

<3 <3

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