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I’m trying to apply for an arts grant to create an Abyss site somewhere public, like Boston Common, or a mall, or school grounds, or a museum. Would someone who knows anything about that get in touch? I’m at


When people say they “know” the answer about God, that sounds like hubris to me. How can anybody really say they know anything about the unknowable? I have a lot of feelings… like the feeling I should eat all the ice cream I can see. Since when does my feeling about God have anything to do with the truth? Who made me the expert? Or you? Here’s a card about that.


At what point in human history did it cease to be common for a rational adult to believe in monsters?


Since 68% of Americans believe that Satan is real, I guess not yet.

There’s a great deal of confusion with religious believers between what we want to be true & what we “feel” or wish to be true. My heart’s led me astray in love too many times to trust it on God.



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