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The fire marshall came today and we’ll be taking down the torches in the yard. I’m a little sad, but I already have plans to put in electrical lighting, which will look great.

This card stood out today. Loneliness can be so destructive to happiness. I hope this person finds the courage to get out there on the dating scene. Like any skill, you start off bad at it, persevere and get better at it as time goes on.

I’m divorced and I haven’t had sex in more than 9 years. Casual sex feels abusive to me, so it’s all or nothing, but the loneliness is killing me.

Also I’m broke but I spend money when I’m stressed, so I can’t stop using my credit cards!

Thanks for this art project, Johnny, it’s beautiful.


I think the solution is just to work on your basic happiness. How about cultivating your own art project?

Make a list of things that make you happy and sad. Try the happy ones when you feel like spending.

And isn’t this “all or nothing” dating concept on the sad list? You need to throw that out and be open to possible failure to get success in love.