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Well, it’s not exactly dawn, but I’m up early to continue editing video! Now that I know what I’m doing it’s so much faster.

Sunday at Plymouth was a normal day at the end of November: cold and windy. Most of the event was in heated tents and I’m starting to see why I got such a good location, outdoors but right on the sidewalk! One of the vendors even told me I was nuts to be standing out there as the event was winding down. Only she said it nicer.

I was out for about 6 hours and recorded a number of written and video questions, but not nearly as many since the main parade was over. Just collecting the questions is a major part of this project. And since the challenge is to answer the questions, I’ve decided to open it up to Internet contributions. So here it is:

This week the community and I want to set a world record! Take a photograph of your handwritten question, and email it to me, or video record speaking your question into a camera, and I’ll include you and get back to you with an answer! Just email

Today in Harvard square will be very active, I suspect. I’ve been granted a fantastic spot by the City of Cambridge, right next to the subway entrance and center of action in Harvard Square. My friend Gabe is coming to help out. He’s a videographer and will help me draw people in and explain what we’re doing. And unlike yesterday, I’ll dress invincibly for the weather.