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Yesterday, while working in the garden, I was approached simultaneously by a parking officer and a homeless man, people I have come to think of as “the enemy” and always ignore in public. The homeless man was strangely frank about alcoholism and choosing to live on the street because he doesn’t like people in the local shelter. He wanted money. The parking officer wanted tape for her broken glasses.

I showed some homeless man some respect in conversation but didn’t give him any money. The parking officer gave him a dollar and sort of told him to get lost. I think we were both right.

Does God talk through our thoughts.

I know he does, but how can you tell if it is him or just you?



It’s just you.


Although that might seem sad, isn’t it better to take charge of your own life than to blindly follow “voices” in your head?

Don’t worry about losing a friend in God. There are plenty of real people to befriend!

<3 <3 <3