The Guinness World Record Art Project
Where Thousands of Questions Get Answered

Hi, I’m Johnny. I’m the artist behind Wheel Questions and I hope this project is inspiring you! Here’s a bit about me and my philosophy on life.

Today is Friday, June 12, 2009. I expect more than a quarter million people to see the Wheel between June and October 2009, and to answer more than 10,000 questions. The fundraising goal is $35,000. But depending on donations, the entire thing may end early. Having just gambled everything on Wheel Questions, I’m well below water and don’t know whether the project will survive.

When you donate, you need to make a request to get a free thank you gift. Just type into the comment box on the 2nd PayPal page what you would like.

If it’s a card, I’ll send it right away. With the rest, the catch is that I won’t have anything printed up, including the new books, until reaching the $5,000 fundraising mark. My best guess is that will be late July. But I need to be clear that you won’t get your free gift until then, possibly never if the project shuts down. (But we don’t expect that, right?)

Note: you must type what you’d like into the comments box on the PayPal form to get your thank you gift! Or just email Wheel Questions directly.

Here are a few mockups, with real photos to come when I have actual stuff to take photos of.

For a gift over Ask for
$20 One of the cards, but only if it’s yours. The card you submitted with the handwritten answer. Subject to availability. Send along the Web address of the image to indicate which one.
$35 Wheel Questions mug A ceramic mug with an inspirational thought that may look something like this graphic.
$50 Somebody else’s card. A handwritten question by someone in the community, with the answer on the back. Comes in a bright gift envelope and I’ll include a personal note if you like. Subject to availability.
$75 Wheel Questions t-shirt A full-color t-shirt on yellow that may resemble the following photo. Make sure to specify your size!
$125 Wheel Questions, the book Autographed, advance copy of the forthcoming book “Wheel Questions”, by Johnny Monsarrat.
$175+ Group lecture Contact me to ask about my giving a fun, uplifting talk to your group.
More Sponsorship Contact me to ask about opportunities for your logo or message to be tactfully added to the Wheel Questions installation, handouts, or website.

Everyone who volunteers or gives something gets a thank you mention on the We Did It! list and a subscription to the monthly email newsletter. Thank you!