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This is a card I am feeling myself this week as I go out on a limb making the last purchases and finishing touches on the 2009 Wheel. I hope you’ll come visit this Saturday at the Cambridge River Festival, or Sunday at the opening ceremony, or anytime this summer. See for the schedule.

The job I do is all about helping people in trouble. Friends & family do not respect my work b/c it’s all consuming and pays ($) little in return. Should I continue and struggle or move on to another job?


This is too important for a gut decision. Use your head. Start by making a list of what truly (without illusions) makes you happy & what doesn’t.

If it’s difficult, keep a diary and every day rate from 1-10 how happy you actually are — not “should be”.

So is this job giving you what you need? If so, keep at it. It’s your life.

Or get an even better job.

<3 <3 :)

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