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Here’s a happy card that shows the power of listening. You can get all kinds of ideas for sneaky romantic surprises just by listening.


I got a card asking me to give a lecture! It’s this Sunday, October 5, at 7pm at La Luna Cafe, 403 Massachusetts Ave Cambridge MA. The blurb is below.


Here’s a secret:

I’m in love.

I want to marry him.

He is the bomb 🙂

Thanks for your garden


The next time he says “I’ve always wanted to…”, plan just that as a romantic surprise and ask him to marry you.

(But not if you haven’t dated for at least a year, and you might want to ask him to live together first!)

<3 <3

Lecture Announcement

Cross Into The Abyss: Inspirational Secrets

Their secrets are our secrets. Each question is a story. Our story.

  • “Why is it that boys don’t find me attractive?”
  • “Why does it hurt some much to feel yet we as people can’t stop?”
  • “When will I die? I’m 7.”

Johnny Monsarrat collects questions and writes answers, with a ‘Project Person’ philosophy. These stories, on colored cards, decorate his garden: proof that we are not alone in our fears.

In this lecture, he’ll talk about the project and share cards both funny and touching. He’ll talk about feeling overwhelmed, and how to ‘cross into the abyss’ and face making a change. We’ll end with handing out blank question cards and a trek to the garden to view the project directly.

Mr. Monsarrat founded and ran Turbine, the largest computer games company in New England. He is an alumnus of MIT and Brown, an award-winning speaker, and CEO of the data-gathering firm Hard Data Factory. The Cross Into The Abyss project is at

This lecture is hosted by Nubtalks, see About 150 people are expected. We’ll end by handing out blank question cards and those who wish to can trek over to the garden where the art project is located.


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