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Last weekend I went to the Rally to Restore Sanity in Washington, DC. Out of 215,000 thousand people, somehow I found myself within 30 feet of the stage through a series of my usual antics. It only seems amazing when I say it like that. When I say I volunteered and asked if I could work the stage, it seems simple. Everything in life is like that. Don’t be afraid to shoot for the moon. When you break it down into steps, it’s simple. Here’s a card on that.

How do I get the courage to do something as provactive as this?


As you invest in healthy, inspiring goals, you gain energy.

So you only need enough energy to get started.

Invite a friend over & make a plan & brainstorm on possibilities.

Choose the least scary item of the “to do” list & just get started!

Having a project buddy helps. Planning a celebration party can motivate you.



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