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This card (worry) is the flip side of yesterday’s card (conflict). First, you accept that sometimes, there’s nothing you can do. That helps you accept that you probably can do something… but don’t shoot for the moon. Use the traction you have and don’t overdo it being pushy or feeling guilty.

how do you find balance in your life?

… how do I help my mom find balance in her life? I’m really worried about her.


You start by using your head to outvote your heart. Don’t jump ahead to posing solutions to your mom. Start by empathizing & letting her know you support & respect her. People (parents, kids, anyone) don’t take advice otherwise. Then focus on getting her to acknowledge the problem. Have her make a list of problems in her life & whether she’s happy. A solution will then be easy. Since you’re not a usual authority figure, you may need help from your mom’s friends.

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