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I’m looking for someone to do a video documentary on Wheel Questions. You bring a camera and show up one day this summer — possibly at a festival — and anyone who comes who wants to be taped delivering their question into the camera, we’ll make a movie and it’ll be touching and we’ll post it online.

What is love?

Is it just a passing feeling that can ebb & flow or is it permanent?

How do I know love?

How do I find it?


Love is maintained by two people being good to each other. It’s only permanent if you both put effort in, and “losing the magic” is just a way to pretend it’s blameless. You know love when you’re mature enough to know yourself & what makes you happy, and have the confidence to say “No” to the wrong people & stay available for the right one. You find love by being brave & doing a lot of work! Aim for one date every week. Hang in there!

<3 <3 :)

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