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I once lost 125 lbs. I have been very obese. There’s no reason it should be a barrier to love, but it doesn’t exactly help.

In 2008, I had a “regular asker” who signed her notes “Desperately Needs Decaf”. It’s her birthday. Happy birthday, Decaf! 🙂

How does a fat Guy stop eating ice cream and get a Hot Girl Like Megan fox or scarlett Johanson to date him?


Most people can’t quit their addictions without help. You need to get over your embarassment & stubborness & reach out.

Stop buying unhealthy groceries.

Learn about nutrition & find healthy, good-tasting snack foods.

Weigh yourself every day & make a chart as a reality check.

Write your reasons for dieting on a card with a supermodel’s photo & carry it always.

<3 <3

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