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This card’s about people with lots of anger and how to handle them. When someone barks at you, they’re saying both the accusation and also “want to fight?”. If you bark back, you’re saying no to the accusation but yes to “ok, let’s fight!”. Try saying no to both. You always have the right to walk away or to deflect the conversation by saying “wow, do you always want to fight like this? It’s not my style”. It’s a way of pushing back that doesn’t say “yes” to them.



How does one deal with negative attitudes and people who seem to always hate others without reason?


You can’t change them, and arguing with them only makes you look like a hothead to neutral people.

Weed those negative people out of your life entirely.

Don’t be afraid this will leave you alone. It will lift your confidence & you will make new relationships without the drama.

You can do it!

<3 <3 :)


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