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!It has been 5 days and there are 35 cards now in the Abyss! That many people have written a secret, a problem, or a question. So many of them are striking. It’s going to be tough choosing the best. It’s so inspiring to see that people care about the garden and the Abyss that took several weeks of setup. (Until I saw these first cards, it was just a crazy idea.)

I’ll post 4 or 5 every day. Please comment as to whether that is too many. Please add your comments and support for the people who’ve dared to cross into the abyss and left a message!

I am afraid of life in it’s ful essence the future

You are not alone. Most people are afraid of something, but it’s not
attractive to run around screaming, so we keep it hidden. 🙂

Fear is usually fear of the unknown. Make a plan to change your life. And the future won’t be so unknown any more. <3 <3

Will I ever find the love that is promised in all of the commercials, movies, ads, and TV shows all around me? Will I ever find real love at all?


Strangely, the first step is to learn to say “no” to people who aren’t right for you. That builds self confidence. When you love yourself, you’ll find people who love you. Maybe more than you can handle! <3 :) <3   Hang in there!

I am afraid that I cannot dream big. How do I take a step if I don’t know where I’m going?

Even the masters had to sketch out their ideas. The art doesn’t just appear fully-formed.

When you crossed into the Abyss, you took a step without being sure where it was going. Do the same with art — get some clay or a sketchbook and dabble. Visit a museum or Walden Pond for inspiration! 🙂

I still dream of my MOM sometimes even though she’s dead. Sometimes I get a hug. Sometimes we’re shouting.

This card doesn’t have a reply. The author was me.