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I once read that keeping a diary of your emotional state helps you to find trends in your life. It’s just too hard to remember the past clearly enough to make broad statements like, “my anxiety problem is fading away”.

I’ve recently broken up w/ my girlfriend.

I’ve been seeing a girl that was in a 4-year relationship who’s been broken up w/ the guy for a year.

One second she’s affectionate, but most of the time I feel like she’s holding back. She says she has trouble trusting people because they’ve hurt her and has problems being intimate.

I’m understanding, but I don’t really know where I stand. When I asked her if she wanted to be alone she said no. How should I handle it?


Unfortunately, people don’t usually change.

It sounds like it might be smart to let her go & find someone new.

However, if you want to help her & stick with it, get her to assess all the draining relationships & responsibilities in her life & back away from them.

There’s usually an overbearing mother or something. Give her an ultimatum that she has to work on this and keep a “diary” so you can leave her if no positive trend.



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