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It’s easy around the holidays to feel that something magic is missing. The solution: don’t take it lying down. Here’s a card on that.

I feel so disconnected from life. I do participate (I have a fiancee, friends, family), but most of the tmie feel disconnected from the latter two, even tho there’s no particular event to have caused the disconnect. I live in the city and am surrounded by people who appear to be fulfilled and having a great time, and yet I can’t shake (and really have never been successful of shaking) a feeling of emptiness and lonliness.

How can I connect? How do I find kindred spirits (other than my fiancee?) – a community?

Thank you for setting this up.

It is wonderful! 🙂


Ask a professional if you have depression & don’t be embarassed. It’s quite common! Join hobby clubs around your area — they are full of passionate people whose enthusiasm is infectious.

Never let yourself just sit & mope. Go out!



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