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Yesterday, Ginger and I started my Cape Cod trip by visiting the first park we saw, which turned out to be a campground. We couldn’t find any walking paths and the first turn we made was the camp’s dump. Finally we found a walking path but it didn’t go anywhere. Just when I was hating serendipity, we came across some wild blueberries, an icon of my childhood. We picked and ate some. What a delight!

It’s symbolic I suppose that the best can come out of the worst, and to be open to surprises. Here’s a card about that.

I leave for the Camino de Santiago — a 5-week walk across France & Spain. How should I approach it?


Be open to every adventure you find.

Meet people and let serendipity carry you.

And find a creative way not just for you to form memories but to bless the people you encounter by giving them an unforgettable time too!


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