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I managed to lay down the rest of the marble scraps in the spiral today, in my garden. They’re not flat yet and need to be leveled. When it’s done I’m going to be able to really relax, but right now I am still investing energy.

Here’s a card about when to tell that you’ve invested too much energy and should cut your losses. Never, ever let someone take advantage of your willingness to give and not receive back.

I love him. But I just don’t feel any peace or happiness flow back and forth. I feel like if I give it my all + sacrifice… he could be happy. I could make him happy.

But all my thoughts + dreams + hopes would remain in my mind and never be realized.

Do I tell him this and let him go or do I try to make him happy + make that my gift to the world?

Thank you + Peace


When you start thinking “Maybe if I try harder, he’ll change”, that’s when you need to respect yourself and get a new man

<3 <3 <3