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I seem to have a few regulars at the garden, so I get to hear if my advice is going anywhere. Here’s a card from someone who’s signed as “Desperately Needs Decaf”, who started by asking a couple of sillier questions.



I think my closest and oldest friend might be mad at me.

Im not sure, but we haven’t talked in a month.

Am I just being parinoid, or is he mad at me… and why would he be mad?

-Desperately needs Decaf

P.S. See? I do have real problems!


It’s easy to fear the unknown. Make it known by contacting your friend — bake a pie or think of a gift to start on the right foot. Any relationship should be two-ways.

If you & your friend each initiate phone calls or emails, then you’re both contributing to the friendship.

🙂 <3 <3



I wrote you a question about if my friend was mad at me or not, well he is not! 🙂 I emailed him again and he’s just been really busy. Thanks for your help!

I have another problem though.

My friend said a really insulting word that insulted me (the word its self, not the insult) I’ve told her before not to say it, but she still does… what do I do?

-desperately needs decaf


A good friend will care enough to respect how you want to be treated. Perhaps it’s time for you to say that you won’t want to be friends if that continues.

Be brave — if you drop that friend it just means confidence & time to find a better friend.

🙂 <3 <3


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