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Here’s another card challenging the wisdom I dole out daily! Nick Jonas is a 16-year-old musician. 🙂



I would like to know if I will date Nick Jonas I really love him even if he wasnt famonse or will i at least meet him

from future Mrs Nick Jonas


When you’re 33, you will score tickets and meet Nick Jonas briefly. He’ll say thanks for being a fan, and you’ll think “I used to be crazy about him, gee that was ages ago, I was so silly!”

🙂 <3 <3



I dont think I will get tired of Nick Jonas because I really respect him and I luved him 4 2 or 3 years now.

In magazines he described who his dream girl will be and described me

love, future Mrs. Nick Jonas


It sounds like you should move to wherever Nick is and start networking! Get a job in the music business.

You’ll fall in love with someone who shares your passions.

<3 <3 :)


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