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My plan is now to self-fund Wheel Questions by putting in about $5,000 for the original installation, and then hope that people who ask questions (and others) come to the website and dump in a few dollars, helping me to manage financially for all the time and to repay the original investment.

Unfortunately I’m not sure the startup I run has that much spare cash lying around. This would be a good time for someone with a rich uncle to call, or for me to make a new sale.

I’m about to start medical school. What will get me through it?

And what will make me a good doctor?


Pay explicit attention instead of “going with your gut” on the hard problems of maintaining motivation, not burning out, socializing while busy, not caring too much, but not becoming too clinical.

Keep a “mood diary” & you’ll be able to spot trends. You have a lot of power to self-correct if you pay attention!

🙂 <3 <3


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