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I think what most of us don’t like about religious proselytizing is that since it’s a matter of faith about axiomatic things that cannot be proven or disproven, for someone to approach us and say that they know better, not because they can demonstrate it, but because they just “feel” that they know better, is a bit of an insult.

Of course, there are a lot of axiomatic issues outside of religion. Large, complex systems, like the economy, are so impossible to predict that it becomes an article of faith what you believe in. That’s why these ideological battles never get anywhere. There’s no there there. When you want to convince someone of anything, you have to start by listening and showing respect. Then you might get an audience to voice your own view.

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I am only one small fish in a huge pond.

How can I spread The Good News of Jesus?


Instead of talking about good acts, why don’t you drop trying to “recruit” people & just do some good acts! Join a non-profit & ask a friend who’s too shy to ask for help what you can do. How can the unknowable impact reality more than practical things anyway?



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