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I’m revising the Wheel Questions book proposal! This time, I’ve made a full, detailed outline of all the chapters. You can see my post-it notes all over a wall on the Wheel Questions Backstage Blog.

Also, I’m looking for a few good people to read over the proposal. I don’t need time consuming, low-level comments on grammar. Really I’m just looking for some people to pretend to be a busy editor who gives a readover of maybe an hour, and get your high-level feedback as to whether it works. I’d like to wrap up this next revision by January 3rd, so if you are interested over the holiday break, please email me at, and thanks! 🙂

Happy holidays!


Is Santa real?

Ho! Ho! Ho!


Santa is not a real person, but it is a real idea. When people act on an idea, it makes real changes to the world. How would the world be different if we didn’t have the concept of Santa?

Would we still give gifts?

<3 <3


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