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I’m pro having kids. But the decision to have children is full of myths and assumptions, even more so than marriage. A good rule of thumb is to ask, “If I hadn’t gotten accidentally pregnant, would I be seeking a child right now?” It’s advice that applies to all kinds of accidental opportunities, like a surprise promotion that requires you to move far away. Here’s a card on that.

Is this baby right for me?

What do I do?


Talk with people, both those who have kept the baby & those who haven’t. Make a plan for your life.

A baby does bring joy, but it also makes it very hard to get ahead.

Call Planned Parenthood & get a sense of your options. Are you centered, happy in life, emotionally rock solid, with a stable financial life & no desire to change the world or leap dramatically ahead in the next 8 years? If so a baby may work. If not, maybe not.



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