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The Wheel Questions project is over for 2009, and having self-funded the last two years, I definitely cannot self-fund it again 2010. However, I am hopeful that corporate sponsors or a grant will help me continue the project. Do me a favor and mention it in your blog or to friends. The more it’s out there, the more likely I am to be able to show it’s real and to get the fuel I need to keep going.

The Wheel Questions video blitz ended up taking 2 weeks, but I did amass a ton of questions and answers: 388 written on cards and 276 on video. So at 664 I didn’t quite make the number of the beast, but trust me, it’s plenty! Each video took about 20 minutes to greet passersby, record, record a reply, edit, and post. Each card about 3 minutes.

I’ll continue to post a daily question and answer, mostly written but occasionally a video. I hope you find it uplifting. You can see the videos and all 12,000 questions at The Wheel Questions Complete Archive.


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