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Where Thousands of Questions Get Answered

This is the last weekend for the Somerville, MA installation of Wheel Questions. I moved out a month ago, but by agreement with the landlord, I’ll have it open for just two more days as part of the Somerville Open Studios. It’s the 2nd largest open studios event in the USA and the largest in New England, with over 300 artists opening their homes or private studios to the public.

What’s next for Wheel Questions? We have permission to run the project in the heart of Harvard Square, Cambridge and Davis Square, Somerville this summer. And I have a new, more attractive version on the drawing board with artist Kyle Sturgeon. I could answer over 10,000 questions this summer.

But the project is unfunded, and we don’t have the $5,000 to build it, or the spare cash to answer questions all summer completely unpaid. Maybe I’ll self-fund it and try to make up the difference with donations. As of right now I don’t have any kind of website donation function though.

Please contact me to enquire about keeping Wheel Questions alive. Even if all you have to give is a word of encouragement, it would be good to know you’re out there.

Is this garden a real beauty?


It’s not overly beautiful to the eye, but it’s very beautiful to the soul.

I’m working on a new one that’s more visually attractive.

🙂 <3 <3


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