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Here are some good places to call for the person who wrote this card:

  • Samaritan hotline number. 877-870-HOPE. For anyone who just needs to chat about anything.
  • Mental Health referrals: 800-221-0053, the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health


So it has come to the point where my mother thinks she has my dad trapped in the basement and paces around the empty house glaring out the windows and then putting sheets up to hide what happens inside. Left here for so long + came back to attempt looking at myself in a mirror and accepting who I am + where I come from. Yet how can I accept what I am just a walking image of? As if I see what I want to change but just don’t know the “how”. Does anyone?


You’re wrong to think that you’re fated to turn into your mother. If she needs mental health services or a new living situation, call the city or state for help. Don’t feel overwhelmed — there are a lot of people to help you help your mom. As for you, fixing your life is too complex for your gut. So use your head.

Set aside the question of accepting yourself & instead grab a friend & work on a plan for happiness. Your anxiety will melt away.

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