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Sometimes it’s hard to put an idea onto one tiny card! The gist of this one is supposed to be: there is live after love, there is life after being fired, and there is even life after a fight with your family, even if it leads to a separation. Terrible as all these things are, hang in there.

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Dear Johnny,

My family is the typical conservative muslim Family

My Sister wants to get married but my dad wants to set her up an arranged marriage for her. they don’t agree and now he is kicking her out

What do I do to stop it.


Tell him if he does he’s going to lose her & possibly you, too.

He needs to decide whether controllingn you is really so importannt compared to sharing your life.

Ultimately, for the sake of your own sanity & confidence, you may need some emotional distance from your parents. But if you do, you can build a new family from friends!



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