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Here’s a card from a concerned aunt. Is she just trying to help? Or is she meddling with a child that is not hers? Unfortunately, it’s both. There’s nothing wrong with expressing an alternative viewpoint. But covertly undermining how someone is raising their child is sort of an act of war. Better to do it overtly and with the tolerance if not acceptance of the real parents.


My sister has become an evangelical Christian (her husband’s influence) & wants to send my nephew to a Christian high school. Should I intervene?

What should I do?


High school is when kids are the most rebellious. Christianity won’t be forced on your nephew. Either he’ll genuinely like it or he’ll survive just fine.

Make sure he goes to college far from home.

The choice is then his.

As an aunt, you can give him alternative viewpoints, too.

<3 <3 :)


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