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Today, my first email question for the Abyss. If you want to submit your own question online, just click “Write a Card”.

My youngest son wants to be a rapper and told me this past weekend that
he does not want to go to UMASS in a few weeks…the next Eminem!!

What would the “Abyss’ say?

We live in a small town in MA and he is talented, but has no idea of
the hard, cruel world…has lots of dreams- but he needs an education
as well as his creativity…

I dread tonight with the showdown with him- need to impress on him
that he has to multi task-


Don’t be the badguy, make the plan the badguy.

You hop to the assumption that any possible plan will fail. He doesn’t see that yet.

Firstly, show him that you’re excited and believe in him. Have some enthusiasm for his art.

Then, ask him to make a plan. He’s going to need a manager or to make a lot of phone calls to get a gig. Have him make a budget.

It should be pretty clear at that point that the plan — not you — is not workable. He should rap part-time while at school. And who knows, maybe he’ll get a chain of gigs and make you proud. 🙂