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It’s been a completely crazy week, but the end is in sight. The last day will be tomorrow, Friday, at Edaville Railroad’s Festival of Lights, the largest display of lights in New England. (I might switch it to Saturday if the rain forecast disappears.)

That will make the Wheel Questions Video Blitz over two weeks long: 7 days of collecting questions, and about 9 days of answering questions. So far I have 193 videos and a ton of written cards as well, all answered. Take a peek at Wheel Questions: Complete, and look for your question by date.

Getting up to speed was tough, and the weather interfered a bit, but by and large the project was a big success. Everyone seems to love the concept, and I’m really pleased by the volume and quality of entries. Thanks to everyone who dared to reveal their inner thoughts, especially on camera.

I’m setting next Wednesday, December 9th, as the official end point to give away the HP Envy laptop computer. Just subscribe to this blog to be entered for the random drawing. Do me a favor and mention the project in your blog or email to a mailing list! The more that Wheel Questions gets noticed, the more pleased my sponsors will be. 🙂