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An installation of one Wheel in a public park.

The installation draws passersby into the park and helps spread word of mouth about the park.

The installation is segmented into four sections, so that as many as four people (or four couples) can approach and have a moment of peace and aloneness with the Wheel. The half-height partitions give some privacy from the world and a feeling of being “inside”, but let plenty of light in.

The visitor may take a card from the right and write a question. The card goes into the “drop box” which works like a suggstion box. The cards are then collected and answers written on the back by the artist. The visitor may return the following day or two to retrieve their answer, posted onto the black drum in the center of the installation. The Wheel holds nearly 200 cards.

This birds eye view of the drum demonstrates that the half-partitions do not actually touch the drum. There is room for the drum to be spun. Because the installation is outdoors, the cards, attached by a strip of ribbon, will flap in the breeze. The drum will not turn on its own. The success of the original installation proves the weather-proof construction of the installation.

Some simple stained or painted glass is inexpensive but attracts visitors who see the installation from afar.

The installation is only 8′ x 8′ square. There is plenty of room in a medium-sized park for one. Or, in this example, for three.

One of the three Wheels in this park. The installations are modular, so one or more than one can be used. Highly trafficked areas may warrant more than one installation so that there is enough room to hang up all the cards written by visitors.

Two Wheels part of this three piece installation.

In this park, five Wheels have been placed in an appealing circle.

The circle serves as a major attraction and enhances the non-secular but inspiring feeling generated by the installation.

Because the installation is small, there is plenty of room for it outside a corporate park or school.

Even a five-piece installation takes up hardly any room. This example is a circle 33′ in diameter.