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After spending 8 hours in Harvard Square yesterday gathering questions (which is Day 6), last night I went to the convenient classrooms of MIT to record some answers. MIT’s layout is a giant corridor system where all the buildings are connected. The whole thing is lighted and heated year-round. I came across some jugglers who let me use them as a backdrop, and did some fun shoots with me fooling with vending machines and nearly getting run over by a janitor with a speedy trash cart.

I managed to get through three whole days of answering video questions (about 90) in 6 straight hours of shooting. That’s just 4 minutes per question. Today I’m investing in editing and uploading the video. Monday is up already and you’ll see Tuesday and Wednesday tonight. Take a look at Wheel Questions: Complete to see all the replies.

I’ve been able to take the HP Envy everywhere with no problem. Although I was originally put off by the unit’s small screen size, there’s no doubting that it’s portable enough for me to be efficient, and the battery life stayed strong throughout, so I didn’t have to plug it in as I recorded 90 different shots in about 75 different locations (I try to add variety!).

Probably tomorrow I’ll know whether there’s interest in additional of future Wheel Questions Video Blitz days. Officially I’ve only done 6 days of gathering questions and have about 220 video questions and over 500 written questions. So I’ll be over 1,000 total if I go for another 1-3 days. If you’re waiting for your answer, hang in there!