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Yesterday was a flood of people at Edaville Railroad, despite temperatures around freezing. I got a bunch of people on camera despite everyone frantically hurrying from attraction to the warm indoor gallery back to attraction. And plenty of cards as well. My trick for the first 4 hours was hot apple cider. Hot anything, really. But I did leave early through sheer self-preservation.

Then I went to the annual Newbury Comics corporate party and danced! Those people know how to throw a party.

Back to work this morning! To rectify the artistic situation and to get some more footage at Edaville, I’m returning today to shoot answers to questions. What a great backdrop with the carousel and the Ferris Wheel and trains.

The HP Envy is continuing to be the workhorse of the project. I finally discovered a limitation in the powerful laptop: it wants to be warmer than freezing to work properly. I’m not sure how much of limitation that is, unless you’re on a mountain climbing or Arctic exploration project. I will most definitely not be taking the Wheel Questions project mountain climbing.

So this morning, a little video editing, then recording some answers, and I hope to post them tonight!