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This one hits me in the gut like a little snatch of death. Questions like “Did I cause this? How can this happen in a sane world?” tend to loop around and around in the brain late at night. Stop this cycle. It isn’t getting you anywhere. Yes, it sucks! Having established that, new topic! Get your mind off it! The constructive thing to do, with this asker, may be just to let go, regardless of the fairness of the situation.

She’s moved on.

I never thought she could, I always thought we had another chance t do it right. She is the love of my life. How do I let her go?


People make mistakes. Maybe this one is hers. I’m sorry. It feels incredibly wasteful and self-thoughtless of someone to walk away from true love. Some people have so much anxiety or chaos in their lives they can’t relax & accept when they’ve “arrived”. Or they’re not mature enough to know what makes them happy, or display prejudices.

Hang in there! Lethargy is self-reinforcing, so make yourself be active & restart dating.

You’ll soon be glad you did.

🙂 🙂

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