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I’m watching the film Almost Famous again and the story makes me cry, but the quality of the writing is even better. It’s on my mind now that I’m finalizing the draft of the Wheel Questions book proposal that will actually go out to publishers. I wish I could write like that! My dad said reading the greats put him off writing. For me, it’s the opposite. Maybe I can’t achieve this, but now that I know it’s possible, I’m sure going to try.

Ultimately you have to make be your own person. Just don’t do make decisions to defy your parents. Here’s a card on that.

Should I defy my parents and do what I want or please them?


You owe it to yourself to do the smart thing, whether that’s despite your parents or despite your parents agreeing. Take that out of the equation by using your head, not your heart. Invite a friend over & make a pros & cons list. What will genuinely make you happy, without delusions?

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