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Today’s public radio show was fun. I got to be on with two advice columnist: Dan Savage, who writes Savage Love, and Emily Yoffe, who writes Dear Prudence. I could get used to this radio thing. The show is archived here.

Here’s a question that sums up how I’m feeling about the Wheel today, as I prepare to submit ‘query letters’ to literary agents. I feel like I need an agent agent!

Should I really be basing my life on something that might not end up working out?

Does money always ruin art?


There’s always a way to manage risk. Find a way to measure your progress, for example how happy & fulfilled you are from 1-10 or how many customers or galleries you line up.

Make a plan for success & a backup contingency if your measurements don’t proceed towards success. Meet & learn from people in your industry about your approach. Money does not ruin art.

Balance creative purity & survival (not luxury).



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