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Good morning! I’ve been up since 1am, mostly wrestling with the video camcorder rather than editing video or answering questions. I managed to figure it out and I think today I am ready to hit the ground running. However, yesterday’s shoot was a lot of long segments (the video camera was running when I didn’t know it), so I have to hunt through and pick out these 20-second questions out of 6 hours of continuous video.

That will take some time, and now it’s 7:30am and I need to take a power nap and get ready for my second day at the Thanksgiving Celebration in Plymouth, Massachusetts. So what I’ve done, just for you, is to create a clip of the 8 questions I’ve plucked out so far.

Also from yesterday, I have another 30-50 more video questions plus 115 hand-written questions on cards. So I’m well on the way to getting my 1,000 videos in one week. But, I’m a little behind on actually answering the questions!! Fortunately, now that I’m up the learning curve, I do feel I can catch up, especially as I’ve left a nice little hole in the week that I call Thanksgiving. (As I don’t have any other plans.)

So we are a go go go for today! And then tomorrow (Monday), I’ll be set up in the heart of Harvard Square near Harvard University. For the full schedule, to learn more about Wheel Questions or the Video Blitz & Laptop Giveaway, or to enter your email to win the HP Envy laptop, go to