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I have updated the donations website. PayPal really put people off. It asked a TON of personal questions and just made it very hard to contribute money. Now I’m a “sponsored project” of Fractured Atlas. That means basically I get my non-profit status from them. Please make a contribution and help keep Wheel Questions going.

I just turned 60 yrs and I feel like life is over — it’s for the young, thin, and beautiful. It’s a dark cloud

Tell me why I should live another day?


Because your heart can mislead you. Just like it can say to eat an entire bag of oreos or love the wrong person, it can fool you into thinking you can’t be happy.

Call 800-SUICIDE and you’ll find there are dozens of pick-me-up things you can do to prove to yourself that life is good.

Do it NOW. I’ll wait.

<3 <3 <3 <3 :)


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