The Guinness World Record Art Project
Where Thousands of Questions Get Answered

Last night I was forced to leave the Wheel in Harvard Square overnight. I just couldn’t get anyone to help me load it onto the van I’m renting. I lost some sleep worrying that someone might steal it. This morning, walking in, I rounded the corner and… I didn’t see it. Wheel Questions was gone.

At least, that’s what I thought for half-a-second until I realized that a large advertising stand was blocking my view. As I got closer, holding my breath a bit, yes, it was there! So I set up and started to welcome everyone who stopped to view the installation. Typically, I explain the art work and ask them for a question, no doubt while they’re simply trying to read some of the question and answer cards in peace. As usual, a ton said yes, especially when I mentioned the laptop giveaway. (You can sign up to win by subscribing to this blog.)

It was drizzling rain all day in Harvard Square, but I managed to get in 4 hours of standing there with the installation and a table through off and on wetness. I collected probably half of a day’s questions, when I wanted to collect a full day’s worth.

Now it’s the eye of the storm. Before I make a major push Saturday (and possibly Sunday), Thanksgiving is a welcome relief. I don’t have any plans, and everyone else is busy, so nobody’s going to call to interrupt me. Friday might get rained out, so I might have that day “off”, too. Let’s see how many of the collected questions I can answer.

Despite a short day today, I met a bunch of great people in Harvard Square this week. I met two brothers who asked “Why can’t we be naked?” and started to take off their clothes. Then a ton of high school students out early from school wanting to ask group questions while giggling. The Salvation Army guy came over and did a video question. He’s been ringing a bell constantly all day near where I’m trying to record, but when I give him the sign he gives me a break. I do wonder how long you can ring a bell for, before you go slowly insane. I have learned that when you ask someone to record their question a second time, but louder, they often speak in the exact same level of volume. Oy. 🙂

Amongst the 3,000 people I’ve met this week, (about 600 of whom submitted a question so far), I even met someone I asked on a date who said yes! And generally people seem to love the project. This means a lot to me. A while back, someone asked me what my own question would be for the Wheel Questions project, and I wrote, “Will trying to change the world bring me love, or just frustration?” This week, at least, things seem to be going my way.

Someone very brave asked a personal question about love on camera. And someone submitted the handwritten question, “Will my children ever forgive me?”

Now let’s see if I can fight the need for sleep and go go go with video editing and answers!