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This is exciting! I have learned a ton about processing video this week. Saturday was by far the most difficult day, because I had to push the learning curve the entire way. But having taken a holiday (Thursday), been rained out (Friday), and today winded out (30 miles an hour winds are just too much), I have caught up and produced some answers.

Take a peek at Wheel Questions: Complete, for the video from Saturday and Sunday, and you can also find the entire archive of over 11,000 cards.

I’ve also answered Sunday’s questions and expect to have them up tonight.

So far the HP Envy is performing well. This week I did notice that the display is a perfect mirror. In any kind of sunlight it’s impossible to read. But in terms of hefting around gigabytes of video data, I really am able to compose and clip videos swiftly. That being said, wanting to edit 30-50 videos a day remains an enormous challenge. This morning I felt “guilty” about sleeping in to 4:45am.

What a wonderful array of questions I’ve received. The videos are less poetic than the handwritten responses — it’s difficult to come across as pitch-perfect on video. However, a handwritten card will rarely make you laugh. And I think I have several videos that will make you laugh out loud. I’ve been asked everything from the terribly mundane (“Why is the sky blue?”) to the terribly personal (“Why does love hate me?”). It’s a real study in what people are really thinking as you pass them on the street and they appear to be just going about their day!

Although it’s been one week since I began the project, I’ve collected questions for only 5 days and answered questions for only 3 days. I would guess I have 150 video questions and 450 written questions, so far, for a total of 600, and I’ve answered about 1/6th. I have “wasted” quite a bit of time trying to record my video answers in interesting locations. See if you can figure out where I’m recording from.

So… more to go! Tomorrow I go back out to gather more questions, and we’ll see if my sponsors want me to continue the project next week! If so, I’ll be off to Edaville Railroad for their festival of lights. Either way, I’ll answer the questions I currently have collected. Hang in there if you’re waiting for your response!

Finally, it’s not too late to enter to win the HP Envy 13 laptop at the end of the project, which my sponsors, HP, Best Buy, and Intel, have asked me to give away. Just subscribe to the Wheel Questions blog.