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Being an author of a memoir gives me a different viewpoint on life. When something good happens, I wonder if I can write about it. When something bad happens, I’m sad of course, but I also think: Damn! This would make a good chapter! I’ve even caught myself feeling a bit jealous of the noteworthy disasters in the memoirs of others. Damn! Why can’t I be chased by dinosaurs like in Jurassic Park?

Yesterday I saw my dad and we were going through old photos when he made a comment about my weight. Three, actually, one of them being. “You sure were a chubby kid!” Instead of being hurt or annoyed as usual, I just rolled my eyes and chuckled to myself. “I gotta write about this!!” I thought. A nice change.

(What, you’re saying Jurassic Park is not a true story?)

What is the difference between love + addiction?

Sometimes I can’t remember…


True, healthy love is when you have the confidence to say “no” and not be permissive of your partner mistreating you — but you don’t need to because your partner is consistently giving & never gets angry, and you are too.

Addiction is when you feel love, but the relationship is not giving two-ways, and you have this delusion that you’re “trapped” & can’t leave.

<3 <3


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