The Guinness World Record Art Project
Where Thousands of Questions Get Answered

It’s one thing to say “I’ve answered most of 12,500 questions about life, all by hand.” It’s another thing to show it. Thanks to some MIT students, I was able to show it recently, displaying 8,000 cards in an MIT lobby, just long enough to take photos. Take a look!

It’s a good time to reflect on the project. What have I learned? Seeing the hundreds of ways that people can phrase a question that’s common has given me insight into what people are really asking. Here’s a card with more.

What have you learned about people, doing this?


  • We don’t show it on the outside, but everyone has a troubling problem or question.
  • We have enormous control over our own lives. Making a change is possible; it just requires conquering our fear of failure.
  • Most people love the concept, but don’t offer to help.
  • I like saying hi to strangers.
  • 🙂 <3 <3


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