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I got the same question twice from the same person. Neither answer is quite perfect, so here are both. These little cards are tiny to pack advice into!



What should I do about the kids that teas me in school


Use your head – not your heart – to think about what they’re saying until yuo have convinced yourself that it’s bogus.

That gives you the confidence to stand up to bullies. Don’t let them believe that it’s working — shoot right back some zinger. When they see that you’re not an easy target, they’ll leave you alone. Don’t let them rattle you — keep your cool & tell a teacher if it’s really too much to take.

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If my friends are teasing me

What should I do


It’s only fun for them to tease you if they can see that it hurts & it makes you feel bad. So try to hide bad feelings & defend yourself with a confident statement like “Boy, I guess you’re having a really bad day if the only way to feel good about yourself is to talk down other people.” Use your head, not your heart — you know you’re a good person!

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