The Guinness World Record Art Project
Where Thousands of Questions Get Answered

Watch the 2-minute video. More videos.

It’s an outdoor kiosk that tours sidewalks and festivals for six months a year.

1. Walk up. Write a question on a colored card. Drop it in.

2. The artist picks up the cards daily. He writes answers on the backs.

3. He posts the cards online. Go online to find your answer!

4. A few cards are hung on the kiosk, too.

The artist has answered nearly 12,000 questions since 2008, setting three world records for giving written advice in a single day, month, and year! See articles in the Boston Globe from 2009, and 2008, which say: The Wheel, with its plainly scribbled confessions of anxieties and doubts, is appealing in its unmediated clarity.

The 2008 Wheel. Pics & videos.

The 2009-2010 Wheel. Pics & videos