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What we believe intellectually and we feel emotionally can fight each other. Sitting on the sofa, of course you don’t have any energy. It’s the sitting itself that drains you. If you can believe that getting up for a few minutes will make you feel better, then do it — and you’ll be glad you did just a few minutes later. 🙂

Here’s a card about that.



Lately, I’ve felt like a mournful old spirit trapped inside a supple young body (no sex, hardly any laughter, etc.). What will it take for me to feel young again?


Hobby clubs are full of zealous people whose passion is infectious.

Join one or start one! The trick is believing that if you give it a week you’ll be glad you did.

Just sitting waiting for inspiration won’t work. Get out there & you’ll soon feel more energetic. As for romance, go online or network through friends.

Try exercising, & smile more — that’s beauty!


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