The Guinness World Record Art Project
Where Thousands of Questions Get Answered

About Wheel Questions

Wheel Questions is an outdoor kiosk, a community art project, and the world record place where 11,000 people have asked a question about life, and been answered. Written on cards, the questions and answers are posted both on an art installation and on a website for all to see. The installation has been written up in the Boston Globe, Boston Phoenix, Boston Magazine, and elsewhere.

Challenge: 1,000 Videos in One Week

Is it possible to record and edit 1,000 questions in a week and give 1,000 answers in a week? This is a new challenge, sponsored by HP, Intel, and Best Buy, which are promoting the HP Envy laptop.

As part of the challenge, I’ll attend festivals all week, shooting video of people asking questions and showing off the HP Envy. At night, I’ll use laptop to record the answers and post everything online. Of course, the big question is, is the Envy fast and easy-to-use enough to handle a massive real-time art project? I’ll be reviewing the laptop throughout the week as I use it. Read the blog, or See the questions and answers.

Win a Laptop

As part of the promotion, my sponsors are giving away an HP Envy 13 laptop, worth $1,700! Just subscribe to the Wheel Questions blog and on December 9, I’ll choose someone randomly to win!