The Guinness World Record Art Project
Where Thousands of Questions Get Answered

I have exciting news! You and I already set a world record for most contributed questions (in writing), with over 10,000 questions received and mostly answered in just 4 months.

Now we’re going to extend it to another world record: asking and answing the most questions in one week ever, and to do it on video. It’s a project sponsored by HP, Intel, and Best Buy, and I’ll be giving away an HP Envy 13 laptop at the end, worth $1,700. It’s called the Wheel Questions Video Blitz.

The idea is a tiger test of the HP Envy. They claim that the Envy is the digital artist’s dream platform: the Macintosh of the PC World. Is it really possible to record and edit as many as 1,000 short videos (questions and answers) in a week? We will most definitely find out!

The blitz officially begins this Saturday, November 21 and ends Saturday November 28. But you can enter to win the laptop immediately. It’s easy. Just subscribe to the Wheel Questions blog and I’ll choose someone at random. For more information see the Wheel Questions Video Blitz.